Phone Number: ‭‭310 440 5544

Address: 662 N Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049


An acclaimed restaurant in the chic district of Bel Air, The Bel Air serves great Californian food in an upscale bistro that has a swanky ambiance and nice student art displays as a decor and local touch.

They have a vast menu where you will be able to find an answer to all your cravings. They serve food for lunch dinner and have an array of choices in terms of beverages. The food is known for being healthy fresh and continuously tasty. Their signature dish is the Bel-Air Chopped Salad, a vegetarian option made of carrots, celery, corn, beans, Parmesan, and topped with honey balsamic dressing.

The restaurant is owned by Susan Disney Lord, she bought the place in 2007, which at the time was known as Bel-Air Bar + Grill. Over 10 years have passed but the owner and chef, Leo Lopez, are still the same. A proof of perseverance and continuity. Their aim is to provide great tasting and healthy food in historic Bel-Air.

Susan is also known for her involvement in social justice and sustainable living. She serves on the boards of Alzheimer Greater Los Angeles and Cal Arts CAP Council, and as chairman of the board of her family‘s foundation. She has brought to the Bel-Air, her sensitivity to fair management. On the environmental side of sustainability, the Bel-Air building has received a Gold LEED certification and over the past ten years, they have been composting, sparkling their water in-house, using earth-friendly containers and recycling religiously. They source their food as locally as they can and use organic ingredients when possible and not cost prohibitive.