Phone Number: ‭‭01273 674 259

Address: 39 Upper Gardner Street, North Laine, Brighton, BN1 4AN


Silo is a restaurant that was created with the intent to change the current state of the restaurant industry by showing respect. As they say themselves, they want to demonstrate respect in several ways:  for the environment, for food, and for our bodies. This vision pushes Silo to serve nutritious food made from ingredients that have been grown ethically and encourage biodiversity and healthy soils. Therefore, their food captures the environmental aspect as much as the health aspect. On top of that, Silo is working on eliminating waste generation by composting and reducing ingredients that are unnecessary. Even their brewery is being run through sustainable means.

They serve brunch Thursday to Saturday, lunch on Sunday and dinner Wednesday to Saturday. The restaurant is part of an old Warehouse and the design is resolutely stripped of all adornments since they have decided to focus on up-cycling. For example, tables are made from industrial floor tiles while plates come from old plastic bags.

This cutting-edge sustainable restaurant has chosen to adopt a pre-industrial food system where purity and primitivity are merged with new and old techniques to bring the best out of the ingredients for a respectful experience towards the Earth and our health.


Photo Credit: Xavier D Buendia