Phone Number: ‭‭+44 (0) 207 407 4430

Address: Nine Lives, 8 Holyrood Street, London, SE1 2EL


Nine Lives is a vibrant place, a hidden gem in the Victorian London. Far from being arrogant, the crew intends the venue to feel like an awesome little neighborhood bar, with great cocktails, good vibes, and fantastic music.

Their drinks are prepared and designed by the team at Sweet and Chili and, as they put it themselves, they have given a shit about every single item on the menu to guarantee high quality and taste. They are also focusing on having great music, they spend as much time on choosing music as on designing drinks. The music here is rich and warm and fits well with some cocktail sipping and dancing. On Saturdays, they throw a weekly party powered by their best curators.

But Nine Lives is not only a place of partying and dancing, they are also deeply involved with ethical living. Their goal is actually to bring good to the world, of course, they do this by bringing joy but they also accomplish that mission by respecting the environment. As a matter of fact, they aim to have a positive impact on the bar business as a whole by wasting as little as possible and sourcing from responsible and carefully selected suppliers.