Phone Number: ‭‭+61 2 9114 7332

Address: 380 Oxford Street, Paddington, New South Wales, Australia


A speakeasy located on Oxford Street, Charlie Parker’s is a convivial and welcoming bar that serves high-quality snacks and drinks. The setting is cozy and reminds of an ancient apartment decor. To find the bar you will have to go through Fred’s restaurant and wander down the stairs, you will then find yourself in a quiet bar located in the basement. But it’s not because it’s in the basement that it’s dark and gloomy, on the contrary, the bar benefits from a window in the back that makes it feel open and pleasant. Charlie Parker’s is your better neighborhood bar where, despite creativity and a deep work with seasonality, the drinks remain familiar and the food is kept simple.

The unique character of the bar comes from its specific approach towards waste management and sourcing. They give straws only on request, never as a standard. If they give out a straw, they make sure that it can be broken down or reused. In other words, they use straws made of wheat and reusable metal straws. Charlie Parker’s has banned the use of beverage napkins and drink coasters, instead, the staff is trained to maintain the tables in a clean state. Besides, they work a lot with sourcing produce from local and ethical partners. The menu follows seasonality trends based on the possibilities available to local farmers, Charlie Parker’s is partnering with farmers and producers by setting up a two-year development plan to estimate what they need to grow in the coming years and therefore suppress wasteful importation. In their fight to eliminate waste, Charlie Parker's compost part of their waste at a rooftop garden to create liquid fertilizers that help grow garnishes and other ingredients. They also push their suppliers to be more engaged in reducing unnecessary packaging.

If you have the chance you will maybe come across Charlie Parker's when they are on the road, as they travel the world presenting and educating about their ethical doings and values.