Sustainize - About

Why Sustainize?

We want to make it easy for everyone to choose a sustainable lifestyle.

Dining, travelling and experiencing makes up a big part of our lives. As a result, it also has an impact on our world. Today, it’s common to choose hotels and restaurants based on reputation and price. What most people don’t know, is that you can find exceptional and unique places that are also making a positive impact.

That’s what Sustainize is here for, to bring the best, most unique and sustainable venues to your attention. So that you can discover handpicked sustainable places in just a few clicks.
Without responsible restaurateurs and hoteliers we will no longer be able to enjoy great dining and accommodations... We want to help create a world where sustainability is a lifestyle, not an exception. So that our children and their children after them can get to experience the same landscapes as we do.

Imagine discovering unique places while changing the world!

Who's behind Sustainize?

Sustainize emerged from the encounter between a social worker and a marketer. On our journey to a more sustainable life, we noticed how much time and effort it takes to find sustainable hotels and restaurants so we decided to combine our respective fields of expertise to find a solution that would make it easier for everyone to choose a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainably Yours,

The Team