Phone Number: 800-223-3309

Address: S, 31106 Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

Finding a haven of luxury and authenticity is increasingly rare and difficult. A one hour drive from Los Angeles could persuade you that it still exists. The Ranch at Laguna Beach is truly incomparable, occupying an ideal site, between canyon and sea, it has a genuine yet exclusive character and will make you feel that true luxury has to go through authenticity and sustainability. The resort is a perfect getaway from the bustling city and offers the right environment to wind down and connect with nature.

The Ranch at Laguna Beach has an array of amenities, here you can golf, go swimming at the beach, relax by the poolside, visit the surrounding nature and gardens or treat yourself to an afternoon at the spa. In other words, relaxing yes but definitely not dull!

Even more appreciable is to know that you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind resort while minimizing your environmental impact and contributing to a range of great initiatives. At the ranch, they put emphasis on their connection to nature and the environment. They use a system from New Zealander company, Expleco Limited, to reuse glass waste in their pool equipment and golf course. Golf is an activity that requires a lot of water, to reduce the impact of the golf course, The Ranch at Laguna Beach has completed a water reclamation project in 2015 that will save 21 million gallons of water every year. They also actively clean up the Aliso Creek Channel to prevent waste from reaching the ocean and have an on-site organic garden that provides seasonal fruits and vegetables to the restaurant. What is more is their implication in diverse social projects. They partner with Clean the World, a company from Florida that recycles hotel soaps to provide hygienical products to impoverished people. And they work with Chefs To End Hunger to redistribute their food waste to people that need it the most.


Photo credit: The Ranch at Laguna Beach