Address: La Maipú, Santa Cruz, Argentina


Off the beaten track, at the extreme south of the American continent, you will find the biggest accommodation of the We Are Permanence collective. La Estancia is a beautiful lodge in pure South American tradition. It hosts six private bedrooms and boasts 3 hours of electricity and 20 minutes of wifi daily! A singular way to help you relax and disconnect from busy, stressful lives. Nature here is stunning and discovering the area’s lakes, mountains and glaciers is a must.

La Maipú is rich in history, it was first inhabited by the Lively brothers who arrived in 1902 and were given the land by Francisco ''Perito'' Moreno. During your stay, you will have the chance to explore the history of these Patagonia explorers as an old cabin was turned into a small museum.

Behind this fascinating estate are three young entrepreneurs who believe that a new way of living is required if we are to overcome the current environmental challenges. Their approach is to redefine luxury by offering a different kind of accommodation that is truly in line with the earth’s ecosystem.

This perfect retreat spot is not yet open at the time of this writing, they will make their grand opening in October 2018 and take reservations shortly.